It is so much more than make up.

When you hear about direct sales you automatically think of people bombarding your Facebook feed and inbox with all of those copy and paste messages (yes ladies it’s is THAT obvious) and I will admit that I was also guilty of that at the beginning of my journey.

When I started out I knew nothing about direct sales or the correct etiquette. I did as I was told and followed suit but soon became aware that i wasn’t comfortable sending the same message or posting the same posts that were scripted for me.

There was a mentality with the first company I was with that if you didn’t do everything they said, you were a failure. If you didn’t add 100 new friends to Facebook each day and message 50 people, you were a failure and I soon lost confidence in myself and my ability however it was also drilled into you that if you quit you were a failure. I didn’t want people to think that of my, see I am a recovering people pleaser.

I spent 18 months trying so hard to be something I wasn’t to fit in with someone else’s ideal of my that I fell into a deep depression. I withdrew from friends and finally got to a point where I knew I had to make a change.

I took control, sought personal coaching and knew I couldn’t keep thinking of myself as a failure because I didn’t fit someone else’s vision. I had to find my own passions again. I had to find something that added value to my life and aligned with my own values and goals.

I always had a passion for make up so decided to focus on that. I had a lot of Younique presenters on my Facebook and a few stood out to me, Beka Fox and Alyssa Senseney. I had been following them a while and Beka slid into my DM’s and we became friends she was real and genuine.

It was so refreshing to see someone who genuinely wanted to get to know me, wanted to know what I wanted from life and where I saw myself. Who shared about her own life, her family and her beliefs. We bonded over Brows and the BBC and over time she mentioned the Younique opportunity but I wasn’t ready.

I kept watching and seeing this genuine friendship and the bond they had and that is what drew me into wanting to know more. Over time I tried some of the products Beka sent me and I loved them so I started to pay more attention to the opportunity and the thing that stuck out most was the sisterhood.

Round comes the New Year and I was doing more Facebook lives with make up and people liked them, they were going out and buying products I was using from the high street and messaging me and something just clicked, the people like this, they WANT to learn and try what I am using.

So I thought what the heck, It was £69 for the kit of products with Younique which is a bargain when you see what you get (a full business opportunity, website and kit of products) so I ordered one and tried more products. I became a kitnapper and soon fell in love with all the products.

The difference between my first direct sales company and this one was I made the choice, I chose Younique and I chose it based on the sisterhood, the companies mission statement and a genuine love of the products. I was more passionate about it right away and over a few months I learned more about the company, it’s mission, my Y-Family and myself. The company values aligned with my own.

Then rolls around convention, one thing about picking this company and this group of women was they were all based in the USA, and I the U.K. convention was an amazing opportunity but it was too costly for me at the time. But my Y-Sisters disagreed, they wanted me there, they wanted to meet me, to hug me and to love on me in person and they started the #NatalieHopsThePond fund. (And told me to stop being stubborn and too proud to ask for or accept help) women I have never met donated around $500, a convention ticket, dinners, a boat ride, team party tickets. They selflessly gave because they genuinely cared and wanted to meet me.

So I booked flights and off I went to San Antonio, Texas. This past week has been a roller coaster of emotions and I learned so much not only about the company I chose to partner with but also myself. I have felt valued, loved and worthy. Along with around 10,000 other Younique presenters we descended on San Antonio with a fierce passion to learn, to grow and to soak up all of the knowledge bestowed upon us.

My take always from convention are this: I alone and responsible for my success. I am the master of my own destiny and wether I walk, run or sprint today that is enough. I am enough. DO NOT STOP.

Younique is so much more than make up, it is truly a family, a sisterhood and a mission to uplift, validate and empower women and I am so proud to be a part of it.

I am proud to be a network marketer and to be creating my own business and lifestyle. I am only months into my journey with Younique and I still have a lot to learn and barriers to break down but I know from this past week and the BEST friends I have made that that decision in the new year was the right one.

I didn’t know what I needed when I was lost but Beka Fox knew I needed her and the foxy ladies, she knew I needed Younique.

If you want to know more or just want to chat the please feel free to get in touch.

Chat with Nat xo

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