Not your ‘Typical’ Blogger

Ok so is there really such a thing as a typical blogger?

Instagram certainly gives off a vibe that you need to have a photo perfect life, a colour coordinated Instagram feed and shop from the best brands and stores.

And as a society that is what we try and live up to, a perfectly posed photo, a photo that is so edited that the original colour or make up no longer exists and only the highest of highlights are shown.

As I write this it’s 11:30am Sunday, I’m writing this from my bath with a face mask on and there is nothing ‘bloggable’ about this moment. My skin is broken out, my hair is scrapped back in a bun and I will be wearing the comfiest cosiest outfit for Sunday lunch at my sisters.

Why am I writing this? I’ve been trying to live up to those unrealistic standards that are set. Trying to live up to someone else’s version of what life should look like and it’s BS.

The reality, I am 35, single and childless (so far) I suffer with depression, my house needs to be cleaned and I haven’t done laundry in a week. I have nothing spectacular to share with you all, just it’s Sunday and I love not having to go to work on the weekends and I enjoy chilling out and binge watching tv or Netflix on a Sunday.

What I am and hope is transparent is real, authentic and honest. I’m still finding my feet on what to write about on here but the thing that seems to have the best response is just being me and sharing my feelings.

Sure I would love to have an ‘instagrammable’ home and the latest outfit to share with you all. But I’m a bargain shopper, I love to get more for my money and head to a sale rail before I hit the racks, I love Make Up and am growing a business through my social media channels and branching out and offering MUA services which makes me super happy. But do I have the perfect life, heck no, and I need to post what is real and authentic to me.

What are some topics you would love to hear from me on?

Finding your voice in a world that has such a distorted vision is hard work but I believe my authenticity will always attract the right crowd and like minded people.

I would love to hear your thoughts on this topic of not fitting into the mould that has been created. Be sure to drop a comment below and subscribe to my ‘blog’ for more authenticity.



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