The Style Edit: #1

So for the longest time I have loved fashion, I have loved helping people find their vibe and shopping with others so last year I applied to the program.

I was rejected and I kinda took it really personally, maybe my style wasn’t good enough or I wasn’t creative or artistic enough with my Instagram posts? Either way it felt like a big kick.

The last few months I have been adding in more fashion to my lifestyle blog and working with friends on their capsule wardrobes etc and I loved it so much so I thought why not apply again… I totally expected to get a no again but guess what, they said yes.

It may seem like a silly thing but it felt like validation or a god wink to me, you know when you are shown that what you are doing is good, is worth it and you should be pursuing it.

So here we are with my first edition of The Style Edit a weekly blog dedicated solely to style.

I’ll be keeping this first edition short as I am still working out how to best use the app and utilise it but I have lots of content ready to share soon.

Shop this outfit

Each photo contains direct shopping links for what I am wearing, it’s such a great and easy way to shop.

Screen shot any picture with the icon in the bottom right corner and open it up within the app, it will then allow you to shop the look.

Remember to download the app and follow me there and subscribe to my blog for weekly updates!



Disclosure: is an affiliate program and I earn commissions via you shopping my links.

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