The Style Edit: #3

So I have been saying I would produce a blog with my current make up must haves and it has taken me far too long!

I have finally whittled it down to the must have basics for an every day look as shown below, by Bertie!

So it may look like a lot of products for a minimal face look, however with these products I am getting optimum results for a flawless natural look.

So let’s start with the base, primer, I always use a primer and since shooting this picture I have been using the Revlon Rose Glow primer which gives more of a dewy finish to my skin, which I LOVE. However if I want more of a matte finish I will use my Younique Touch Glorious primer.

For foundation, concealer and setting powder it is all about the Revlon Candid range, it is medium coverage, anti pollution and a dewy finish.

It is also super affordable, which is something I strive for.

For a higher budget setting powder I also love the Younique Behold Setting Powder but for affordability I find the Revlon Candid just as good.

For contour I love the affordability and versatility of the Make Up Revolution Ultra Contour palette, it has a range of shades plus two highlights and a great size mirror, perfect for travel.

Now let’s warm up the skin tone and add some Beachfront Bronzer by Younique I have found after trying so many over the years that this baked mineral bronzer gives the most natural glow. It is half matte/half satin (not super shimmery) so you can even use it to contour.

Now like I said, I am all about affordability so when I tried this highlight that was less than £3 I was initially dubious, well it is THE BEST highlight I have EVER used and I use it every single day, ladies W7 Glowcommotion is the best highlight, if you don’t own this, RUN and get it now.

Now let’s add some blush, I love a simple blush, something subtle that can work with many colour palettes. Introducing Seductive pressed mineral blush by Younique it is the perfect faded mauve shade to add just the right amount of colour to your cheeks.

Now we all know that the eyes are the windows to your soul, but did you know that your brows are the drapes that adorn them, and nobody likes ugly drapes, am I right…

The Brow Obsession Palette by Younique may be on the pricier side of things in comparison however the products I share of a higher value have lasted me well over a year, thus justifying the cost in my opinion.

And brows speak louder than words my friends!

Now let me interject here, I know there is a lot of Younique products, and technically I am still a presenter however this is an unbiased opinion on products I have tried over the years and love.

Back to brows, another product I have used for YEARS and swear by is the Benefit Cosmetics 3D brow tones it just brings your brow hairs back to life and gives some dimension to your brows at the same time setting them in place.

Next it is all about the eyes, but in a subtle way. Recently I have been keeping it super simple on days I don’t do a Facebook live so its just a lick of winged eyeliner & my new favorite lash combo.

Eyeliner, I have been loving the Illamasqua precision gel liner I probably come 3/4 of the way along my lid and do the smallest wing, for a little sass. You can play with eye shadow if you aren’t the best at applying winged liner, its a lovely soft way to add a little sass and it is much easier to clean up any mistakes you may make.

Now for my all time (yes really) favorite lash combo Lancôme Cils Booster XL & Monsieur Big mascara Now had you told me a few months ago another layer to my lashes would be a game changer I wouldn’t have believed you as i have always been about the natural fluffy looking lashes, well till i tried this combo that is.

Now the trick is to do one eye at a time, apply the primer and then go right in with the mascara and then move onto the next eye, allow to dry then use your normal lash curler to take those lashes closer to heaven!

Lets move onto lips, if i could only wear one lip combo for the rest of my life it would be Younique Pouty Lip Liner & Luxe Lipgloss they create the perfect nude lip and the gloss is buttery smooth, it isn’t a stick gloss, and oh my soul the shine!

Finally we need to set it all in place, therefore Younique behold setting spray is what i use. I have to admit I actually have never used another setting spray therefore I have nothing to compare it to however this works wonderfully and the bottle lasts forever.

I hope you enjoyed this breakdown of my go to make up products.


*disclaimer: as an affiliate of the program and a presenter for Younique, any products shopped via this post will generate commissions.

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