How one yes is changing my life.

10 months ago i was approached about a business opportunity and i said no, i probably said no about 5 times but i kept seeing things pop up on my Facebook time line, products, events and travel and i will admit i was a little more curious, OK i will admit it was the travel element that drew me in and finally got me to say yes.

I had every excuse in the book, no time, I have no one to sell to, I work too many hours in my full-time target driven job, I work out before work how could I possibly fit it in… but the travel….

So I reached out to the person that approached me originally about the opportunity and said ok i give in, let’s do this. Within minutes I had filled out my details and started my own online business and it cost me nothing. I was sent the information and pictures for 5 posts to be posted over 5 consecutive days and at the end of the 5 days I had a choice, stay or go.

Needless to say after selling a few products and trying them myself I was hooked. Not only had i been able to start my own online business but i had slipped into a community of people doing the same. Now i am single and live alone with just my dog and i had slipped into a habit of coming home from work and doing nothing, cooking dinner and sitting in front of the TV till it was time to go to bed, scrolling through Facebook. But now i was earning money from posting on Facebook! I was connected with around 200 new people who wanted to support me and help me grown my online business, people who have their own lives and struggles to deal with but they wanted to know about me and wanted to help me grow and achieve great things.

I had slipped into a depression before saying yes, I love travel and in 2008 I decided I was going to spend some time in South East Asia and Australia, I planned to go for around a year. Fast forward 4 years, 8 countries and countless adventures and experiences and the visa’s expired and it was time to come home. 

Vietnam 2008

I never planned to stay in the UK, spend 6 months back home and then once it got cold again head back to the sunshine and tropical locations. But life has a way of throwing your plans out of whack. I’ve always been super close to my grandparents and they had a huge hand in helping my dad as a single parent raise my sister and I. We lived with them till I was 11. After a few months of being home my Nana had started to become forgetful, we just presumed it was age however it was more serious than that, she had been diagnosed with lung cancer a few years earlier and was in remission, however the cancer had made its way to her brain and there was nothing they could do. So as a family we cared for her between us at home and after a few months she slipped away at home. It was heartbreaking for me, but more so for my granddad so i moved in with him to keep him company, he was pretty lonely even with the family around and I had always wanted a dog, so we went to the Dogs Trust and found Bertie (Formerly Merlot, but I cant shout that out can I) He was a 1-year-old Tibetan terrier cross and MAD! For a few months granddad perked up and went out and about with his new best friend but as the weather got colder and the days shorter he slipped into a depression. He didn’t want to go out, he stopped eating and fell ill. We eventually got him to hospital and they diagnosed pancreatic cancer. He came home from hospital and within 2 weeks he had slipped away at home like my Nana, 1 year, 1 month and 1 day apart. I feel its true what they say that true love lasts a lifetime. I was left with a dog and the loss of two of my parents essentially in the space of a year. I wont go into further details but there was an ugly family divide after my granddad passed and our family was suddenly much smaller.

Bertie is now 5 and still mad! 

I kept on working in a job I didn’t like and just ploughed on with life, I never really dealt with the loss of change in family dynamic.

So back to the chance I took to make a change in my life, I was instantly added to a community of people who were strong and driven and inspiring who come from all different backgrounds and all over the world and we all had one common goal, to change our lives for the better.

One of the things I am most grateful for, from my finally saying yes is the lifelong friendships I have made and the people who it has brought into my life. One person in particular connected with me back in January and instantly she knew that I needed some help in working through my personal struggles and self-doubt. It’s not very apparent from my Facebook profile but I struggle with self doubt, lack of confidence and a little depression. I am a lingering people pleaser and I worry about what people will think of me and if they will like me or not, will they judge me. But you know what I have learned, people will either like you or not. People will judge you if you do and they will judge you if you don’t, so you may as well do and if they dont like it let them not like it for who you really are dont hide your magic, stand up for what you want for your life and the changes you want to make. I am blessed to have been coached by an amazing woman who has given me the skills and techniques to deal with the self doubt and lack of confidence and i am now able to implement those daily practices in to my life and share them with others and help them to know how to believe in themselves again. I am stronger, more confident and outgoing each day, so thank you Jessica.

One yes (eventually) to a free opportunity has change me and my life. I am growing and changing daily, I am working on no longer being a people pleaser and worrying about what people think of me. I have created 2 brands and grown an international team. 


For product information and sales please contact me here, we ship internationally: 
Pura Wander 

I have made lifelong friends and ive been able to help others implement change in their own lives and be confident to take a step in the direction they really want to go. My business has taken me all over the UK and Europe so far and upcoming travel includes Belfast in Ireland and a private island in Croatia*

Success summit, Marbella 2017

The island, Croatia

I am rewarded with amazing profit, commissions and bonuses as well as twice yearly all-inclusive paid success trips** but the reward for me is seeing the lives of people i am inspiring change, being able to help others have the courage to take a chance and make a change in their life and it warms my heart to see people grow and flourish and to know i had a little part in it. I am also lucky enough to be coached by amazing leaders and people who have seen amazing success in this industry. The reason it’s working for me is because I picked the right company to partner with. A long standing company operating in over 50 countries worldwide. And because I am coachable, committed and consistent. 
My desire is freedom of time, time to work when I want, from where I want and with whom I want.

If any of this has resonated with you or you are at a crossroads in your life maybe this could be what you are looking for, or maybe you just want to talk about some of your struggles. Follow this link to find out more about this FREE Opportunity: Find out more

Being part of a community of like-minded people could be just what you need to have that confidence to make the change, don’t settle for the life you think you deserve, create the life you want.

Thank you for taking the time to read about my journey so far, you never know, maybe one day soon I will be reading about yours.

Pura Vida

Natalie Lovejoy

Founder – Pura Wander & Wanderfreetribe

*For anyone that signs up now they will have time to qualify for the all-inclusive paid success trip to a private island in Croatia next year.

**Success trips are something you are rewarded for once you reach Ruby Executive and maintain the pin title for a set amount of time. ( you certainly don’t get that in your average 9-5)

Nature is so smart, it put medicine inside of the food! 

Food is not just calories, it is information, it talks to your DNA and tells it what to do. The most powerful tool to change your health, your environment, your entire world is a fork – Dr Mark Hyman.

How many of you eat for the sake of it, because you are hungry or bored? How many of you think about what you are putting in your body in the form of food and the benefits it may have for you?

In this blog i want to talk about creating some healthy habits not restrictions in your life.

First i want to take a look at swapping out some of the unhealthy items for a more nutritious choice.

Fizzy drinks – Fresh juices: Fizzy drinks contain two mood busting ingredients, sugar & caffeine, both can give you a spike in energy followed by a crash, leaving you lethargic.

Cereal – Oatmeal: Just one serving of children’s breakfast cereal can contain more sugar that 3 cookies: all that sugar can lead to a mid morning energy crash, lack of concentration, irritability and fatigue.

Crisps – Dried seaweed: Crisps are cooked in oils that are high in omega 6 fatty acids, which when eaten in excess  can actually increase the risk for mood disorders.

French Fries – ChickpeasFrench fries contain refined carbohydrates (which can have the same negative effects on your body as sugar), tones of sodium and unhealthy fats – all of which can leave you feeling bloated and lethargic.

Hot Dogs/Processed meats – Turkey: Hot dogs and other processed meats are full of preservatives such as nitrates, which can cause tension and migraine headaches.

Sugar can actually cause your skin to age faster, and who wants that!

So lets look at some foods that actually can improve your mood.

Salmon, Eaten 2-3 times weekly can lower the rate of depression.

Coffee/Green tea, Decreases depression in women & green tea has a calming effect.

Air popped corn, Raises Serotonin levels which can help you relax an improve your mood.

Shellfish, Rich in Vitamin B12 it can boost energy and motivation.

Leafy greens, 1-2 servings daily is recommended,of spinach, kale, romaine lettuce, collared greens, chard. These are all high in folic acid which is linked to relieving symptoms of depression.

Dark chocolate, Reduces stress and hormone levels.

Raw peppers, High in Vitamin C these can reduce stress and hormone levels.

Water, one of the first signs of dehydration is fatigue, and even mild dehydration alters mood and energy levels.

Portion control is another issue many of us face, not knowing how much our body needs and eating till we are full.

Protein, the size of your palm is the amount of protein you should have with each meal.

Cupped hand, Is the amount of carbs you should have per meal.

Fist, Is thee amount of vegetables you should have per meal.

Thumb, Is the amount of fat you should have per meal.

You always have your hands with you as a judge of potion size, so there is no excuse to not eat the correct amount.

Even if you don’t see the results right in front of you, every single effort you make to change your habits is changing your body from the inside out.

The best 6 doctors are sunshine, water, rest, exercise and fresh air. Teamed with a healthy balanced diet you can improve the quality of your life.

I hope this has been helpful.

Pura Vida!


Feed your soul! 

It’s such a prolific saying, the idea you can feed your soul and feel content, happy and full.

But you really can do those things, we get so caught up in living and making a living that we forget to nourish your soul, take time out and feel good about ourselves. Life really can get so busy, work, family, friends, that we forget that it is ok for us to do something for ourselves. It’s not selfish by any means and it can actually sometimes be necessary to take that time.

So what is it that makes you happy? Write a list, right not write out a list of all the things that make you happy and content, the things that bring a smile to your face and warm your heart (no matter how simple those things could be) Now right next to that list write down how many of those things on that list you actually practice or allow yourself to do….. big difference right!

So why aren’t you doing those things? I get that some things on that list arent a part of every day life but how many of them are, how many of them are simple pleasures you could easily fit into your life. You really do have access to so many things so why arent you allowing yourself the luxury? No matter how simple some of these things I want you to try to find a way of fitting them into your life and know that its ok, that you deserve it.

Take a long bath with candles, get your hair or nails done, ready a book, watch a movie, even something as simple as doing your make up a little different or wearing an outfit that makes you feel special. When you do the things that make you feel good your body releases serotonin (the happy hormone) Seratonin flows when you feel significant or important, when you feel happiness or satisfaction.

You can increase your serotonin levels in so many simple ways, eating right, getting active, getting outdoors, getting a massage. All of these things are simple and easy to fit into your life and will release ‘the happy hormone’.

Do things that feed your soul, not your ego and you will be happy. If you are doing things you love every day the universe will gravitate towards you, this is how the world works, don’t waste time impressing others or doing something that doesn’t make you feel good.

So from today I want you to do at least 3 of those things on your list that make you happy, release the happy hormone and ‘feed your soul’

Pura Vida!


OM Shanti OM, why meditate?



Contradictory to popular belief not all meditation is sitting cross legged with your eyes closed while chanting in an incense filled room with a bunch of hippies,. Meditation can come in so many different forms and settings.

It can be as simple as walking and taking in your surroundings, a shower meditation is a great way to slough away negativity and feel refreshed or you can by all means try the traditional meditation techniques. I enjoy guided meditations and sounds of rain to go to sleep.

You can meditate at any time of the day, find a quiet spot with no distractions and give it a try!

In this blog i will explore the many types of meditation there are and the benefits and simplicity of meditation in every day life.

20 Scientific benefits of meditation

Meditation can improve your health

  1.  Reduces inflammation: Meditation has been shown to significantly reduce the amount of inflammation that is caused by stressful situations.
  2. Minimises pain: A four day mindfulness course dramatically reduces both the unpleasantness and intensity of pain.
  3. Boosts your immune system: After an 8 week program of mindfulness meditation, patients were found to have an improved immune response to the influenza vaccine.
  4. Lowers your blood pressure: Research has show that mindfulness-based therapy can reduce elevated blood pressure by as much as some prescription drugs.
  5. Reduces your cortisol level: In a study of mindfulness meditation, a 4 day program was shown to reduce blood cortisol levels by around 20%.
  6. Lowers your oxygen consumption: Calming meditation has been shown to reduce oxygen consumption by almost 20%, in fact it had a greater effect than sleep.

Meditation can boost your productivity

  1. Improved multitasking: An 8 week study found that a group practising meditation displayed better memory and job performance than a group that didn’t.
  2. Improves your memory: Working memory was significantly improved by a short course in mindfulness meditation.
  3. Makes you more attentive: Meditation actually thickens an area of the cerebral cortex which is associated with attentiveness.
  4. Boosts your creativity: A body of research suggests that mindfulness meditation can improve your creativity and enhance problem-solving skills.
  5. Lengthens your attention span: Research shows that only 4 days of meditation training can enhance the ability to sustain attention.
  6. Improves sleep quality: A study on older adults with mild sleep disturbances found that mindfulness meditation resulted in better quality sleep.

Meditation can make you happier

  1.  Reduces stress: A Harvard study found that meditation causes positive structural changes in the brain relating to sensory, cognitive and emotional processing.
  2. Helps with depression: Researches at Johns Hopkins study found daily meditation to be as effective as antidepressants in reducing depression symptoms.
  3. Decreases feelings of loneliness: An 8 week mindfulness program was shown to reduce loneliness in the elderly. It lowered the health concerns associated with loneliness too.
  4. Makes you feel more positive: Meditation has been shown to lead to an increase in daily experiences of positive emotion.

Meditation can improve your social life

  1. Makes you a more compassionate person: In one study, the amount of meditation practised was directly proportional to the amount of compassion that a participant displayed.
  2. Helps to regulate your emotions: Meditation has been linked to an increased volume in a part of the brain that promotes emotional regulation and response control.
  3. Increases social connection: Even a few minutes of loving-kindness meditation can increase feelings of social connection an positivity toward strangers.
  4. Lowers anxiety: Meditation training has been shown to effectively reduce the symptoms of anxiety disorders and panic disorders.

Meditation allows people to gain new perspective on stressful situations, focus on the present, increase self awareness, build new skills to manage stress and reduces negative emotions. How many of us can do with that in our lives right?

Meditation typically includes the following elements: Breathing, a specific object (focal point) or an image and a mantra.

Use your breathing to relax you, in through your nose and out through your mouth, use slow, deep and even breaths. This will help to reduce the use of the shoulders and neck and upper chest muscles.

Sit in a comfortable position and made sure you are warm, you can be lying down, sitting or even walking.

You also want a quiet setting, no phones (i know, i know) TV or any distractions.

Start with a simple guided meditation (there are many on YouTube, Deepak Chopra is a personal favourite) then once you are comfortable with that you can move onto more intense meditations.

Don’t over complicate things, you want to be relaxed, revived and have a new sense of energy once you finish your meditations.

I hope you enjoyed this and would love your feedback, thanks for reading, Natalie

Please see below for a link to one of my favourite morning meditations: